Sunday, January 23, 2011

KCC January Theme

The January Theme is "What Filipino dish (savoury or sweet) would you like to have on your birthday?"

Since the holidays, it was just so crazy busy that I didn't even have time to write anything at all and I missed last month's challenge because it was just literally not enough time for me with my events. 
I made a promised to myself that I have to have something for January. So here comes today which is the deadline and at 3pm this afternoon, I still have nothing! I feel horrible but i just woke up after 38 hours (straight) of work in the kitchen and at the event site. I was trying to justify it with my little voice that it should be okay but it's not. So, here I am, scrambling to whip up something fast!
There are a lot of Filipino foods that I like on my birthday but I have to decide what are my favorites. It is usually a tradition that there should be a Pancit for "long life" but my favorite pancit in the pancit family is the Malabon or Palabok. I had all the ingredients but I don't have the noodles that I like and it's already 6pm! Oh boy- I'm in trouble!
So what else do I like to have on my birthday? My birthday is in July and normally I do have barbecue party so I decided to have Chicken Barbecue!

So here you go: 

You will need:
- One chicken breast, cut into cubes
- Lemon
- Soya sauce
- Brown sugar
- Vinegar
- Crushed garlic
- Salt and Pepper
- Skewers

Mix everything and marinate for at least 30 minutes in the fridge. 

Skewer the chicken and ready for grilling!

Grill it for about 4 minutes or until done.

And viola... here it is...wrapped in lettuce leaf with onions and tomatoes... nice appetizers. 

But it's dinner time and I need a more solid meal so, here you go. Steamed rice (white, parboiled and wild rice), tomatoes with onions and green onions and salted duck eggs! 

Special thanks to Trevor Joyce (  for taking these photos. 

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  1. Wow, that chicken BBQ looks yummy and juicy. Good choice.

  2. wow may chicken barbecue akin may pork barbecue..kumpleto na ang party natin!

  3. Yum what a delicious looking presentation of chicken barbecue!

  4. @ Ray: Thanks!

    @Peachy: I know... I feel can't do without the other.

  5. Chicken Barbeque is always a winner! Like your healthy rice too!

  6. A party is not a party without anything barbequed! It looks great and delish! Thanks for joining the fun even with limited ingredients ;-)

  7. Your chicken barbeque looks fantastic. Thanks for joining KCC. Glad you did a post on such an exciting theme. Cant wait to find out about next month. Great idea using the George Foreman. I have to try it on that next time.

  8. I love your Chicken Bbq! The marinade is so simple yet so yummy! I'll try it at home this weekend. :)

  9. @ chef_d: thank you.

    @ Annie: thanks. The wild rice gives a different texture too.

  10. @mommy j: thanks. Limited ingredients and limited time :) but it was fun.

  11. @ A cupcake or two: It's freezing cold outside for the grill - there's no way i'm going out!

  12. @ eatmarvin : Thank you. Definitely you can whip this in a second.

    @ SARAPLICIOUS: Thank you for visiting.

  13. Well done, so iron chef-fy of you to think of and make something in a flash. And it does look good!

  14. you gave me a great idea, i have a george foreman griller and i think it's time to take it out from the box and use it especially this winter season... perfect. so it only takes 4 minutes to cook the chicken? ok ill give it a try.. thanks for sharing!

  15. @ Adora's Box: Thanks!

    @ skip to malou: works well with the George Foreman especially this weather. 2 minutes on each side, though maybe a minute longer for those bigger cubes. you can tell because it turns white and when you touch it, it doesn't feel like very tender and raw.

  16. Hi, Tita Flips. I like that you were able to come up w/ a dish that's so present in every Pinoy party in a jiffy=;)If we all could be in one place complete na ang bday party for all! Daming ulam at dessert ang sasarap pa!

  17. Will try to include chicken bbq sticks next time I grill some pork bbq on my ihaw-ihaw. Looks really good hindi siya dry=)

  18. Looks delicious! Nakakagutom.:)

  19. @TaGa_Luto: I think that was my adrenalin working... I need to come up with something.

    @cusinera: thanks... it was definitely moist! the secret is to take it out right away the moment it's cooked.

    @oggi: thank you

  20. Ohhhh BBQ. That is a constant for all parties at my house.

  21. Looks yummy and quick to make too. I love bbq parties.

  22. Thank you Joy .... Thank you Cherrie Pie