Saturday, January 29, 2011

PHÓ in a Flash

I am hesitating of making this dish - let alone writing about it. The reason is that I did not really make it from scratch so I just justified myself that this will belong to the "meals in a flash category".
I wanted some soup but I barely have an hour before dinner and I was craving for Phó. It is Vietnamese noodle soup that is usually served with beef or chicken accompanied with rice noodles, lime, bean sprouts, basil and peppers. I like mine with hoisin sauce when eating.
The stock or broth is generally made by simmering beef  bones, beef, onions and spices and literally takes several hours to prepare. Seasonings can include cinnamon, star anise, roasted ginger, onions, cardomom, coriander, fennel and cloves. I might have most of the ingredients but certainly not the time to have it ready in less than an hour.
So here's what I did:
1) Boil pot of water.
2) Add beef bouillon and beef. (Most of the time, beef are added raw but I added it at the beginning for more flavour in the broth). Season to taste.
3) Boil another pot of water for the rice noodles. Cook until done.
4) Chop some onions and lime. (I didn't have thai basil this time)

5) In a bowl, put the rice noodles. Add the beef, onions, bean sprouts.

6) Put the boiling hot soup when ready to eat.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

KCC January Theme

The January Theme is "What Filipino dish (savoury or sweet) would you like to have on your birthday?"

Since the holidays, it was just so crazy busy that I didn't even have time to write anything at all and I missed last month's challenge because it was just literally not enough time for me with my events. 
I made a promised to myself that I have to have something for January. So here comes today which is the deadline and at 3pm this afternoon, I still have nothing! I feel horrible but i just woke up after 38 hours (straight) of work in the kitchen and at the event site. I was trying to justify it with my little voice that it should be okay but it's not. So, here I am, scrambling to whip up something fast!
There are a lot of Filipino foods that I like on my birthday but I have to decide what are my favorites. It is usually a tradition that there should be a Pancit for "long life" but my favorite pancit in the pancit family is the Malabon or Palabok. I had all the ingredients but I don't have the noodles that I like and it's already 6pm! Oh boy- I'm in trouble!
So what else do I like to have on my birthday? My birthday is in July and normally I do have barbecue party so I decided to have Chicken Barbecue!

So here you go: 

You will need:
- One chicken breast, cut into cubes
- Lemon
- Soya sauce
- Brown sugar
- Vinegar
- Crushed garlic
- Salt and Pepper
- Skewers

Mix everything and marinate for at least 30 minutes in the fridge. 

Skewer the chicken and ready for grilling!

Grill it for about 4 minutes or until done.

And viola... here it is...wrapped in lettuce leaf with onions and tomatoes... nice appetizers. 

But it's dinner time and I need a more solid meal so, here you go. Steamed rice (white, parboiled and wild rice), tomatoes with onions and green onions and salted duck eggs! 

Special thanks to Trevor Joyce (  for taking these photos. 

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