Monday, November 29, 2010

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breast

I was browsing the net the other day for chicken images and I came across with a succulent looking chicken breast, stuffed and wrapped in bacon. From the moment I saw that image, I just can't stop to salivate and crave about it. So, I have to re-create th dish. So here we go...

2 pcs of chicken breast, butterflied
6-8 pcs Sundried tomatoes
2 tbsps Capers
1/2 cup Asiago cheese
8-10 pcs Bacon (i used beef bacon)

1) Season with salt and paper the chicken breast.

2) Drizzle a little bit of olive to chicken

3) Arrange the sundried tomatoes at the base of the breast in a linear fashion.

4) Put the capers on top.

5) Add the grated cheese. I just added a big chunks in between.

5) Roll from the base to the top.

6) Arrange the bacon slices next to each other.

7) Start rolling.

8) Fry the chicken until bacon is brown then bake into 400F until meat temperature reach 180C. Add a little white wine for moisture.

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