Saturday, September 18, 2010

In pursuit of the perfect PIE

We were invited to a potluck for a 13th birthday party of a friend's son(happy birthday Rocket!!). The lists consisted of different food items and "pie" is one of them. My friend said that Rocket loves pie!!!
To reinforce this pie idea, Mr. Flips absolutely adores pies and he has been asking me to make pie for him but I never had a chance to do so. So I decided to search and make "the pie".
I never made a pie and I'm not very fond of them really. However, it's in my wish list to perfect the "Buko Pie" to include in my menu but I'm not doing that unless I perfected the recipe.
I started to search for a recipe and I have decided to use this from Canadian Living. I decided to follow it exactly and see how it turns out. That's normally how I start my exactly what it says and tweak until I reach the ala tita flips version.

There's the dough...

Toss the apple filling with sugar, flour, cinnamon

It's getting there... egg wash the pie and Mr. Flips reminded me to put slits in the pie so there are vents when it is bubbly and you can poke the apples to know if its ready.
Viola!!!! this is "The Pie"
In my humble opinion, I honestly think that my pie was a success and it was a great recipe. The crust was flaky and soft and the filling was just delicious. 
Here's the kicker... though it was a success but it wasn't judge by Mr. Flips because the vegetable shortening that I thought I used was lard! And he does not eat anything to do with pork. So unfortunately, he wont be able to eat it too. Oh well, too bad... 
So expect there will be more pies to come. 

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  1. Can't believe mr. Flips does not eat pork?!?